Earth Day 2020 – what can you do to help?

Earth Day 2020 – what can you do to help?

Today is the 50th Earth Day. It is an annual event celebrated around the world on 22th of April to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Every year it mobilises 1 billion individuals. This year the Covid19 outbreak forced the change of plans and it will be marked with 72-hours of digital action.

Although the pandemic interrupted the annual environmental celebrations, could it be a wake up call for everyone? Could we celebrate this Earth Day by fighting for an alternative future for the Earth?

“A key question will be do we have a green recovery, do we seize the opportunity to create jobs in renewable energy and in making coastlines more resilient to climate change?”

Michael Gerrard, an environmental law expert
American Museum of Natural History

Earth Day history

Earth Day history
Image from earthdayorg.

How can we get involved?

There are many actions each of us can do to help celebrate the Earth Day. Here are my three promises. Would you like to join me?

Educate future generations

I found a great source of educational resources called ‘Earth School’ and this afternoon I will be starting Earth Day sessions with my daughter.

Work towards zero waste home

Inspired by a friend who is already truly following the Zero Waste home principles I decided to copy her path. As soon as the lockdown is lifted I will start shopping in refill shops and watch closely my waste. I know I won’t be perfect but every little helps.

Start offsetting my emissions

With family and friends living abroad I won’t be able to stop flying (and I must admit travelling is in my blood). But it has been long on my mind to start offsetting my emissions. There are so many organisations already offering very interesting programmes based on the concept of investing in high-impact emission reduction projects as a way of offsetting corporate and individual footprint. The steps are simple.

What about you?

Are you joining me today? Explore other ways of leading greener life. Why don’t you make your own natural cosmetics, such as honey lip gloss? Or go further by setting up your own beehive?

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