How to help with climate change

How to help with climate change

How to help with climate change – do you ever ask yourself this question? Finding answers is more important than ever as the science and climate news are becoming scarier.

The world remains on track of catastrophic warming three degrees above pre industrial levels.

United Nations

And while it might seem daunting and impossible, there are truly many ways each of us can get involved to avert climate crisis and make our planet liveable for our kids.

The Science Weekly podcast with Mike Berners Lee, the author of a book titled “There is no planet B“, gave me so many answers that I would like to share to inspire others. Below are snippets of his suggestions and practical recommendations – all creating pressure that we need – to push the transition.

Few steps how individuals can help with climate change – wider influence

According to Mike Berners Lee, the bigger question we need to ask ourselves is “how can we help to create the conditions under which the big system change we need becomes possible (…) how we can create pressure and insert influence.”

1. Contact your local politicians

Local MPs get little correspondence about environmental issues, and it really makes the difference.

2. Suggest and make changes at workplaces

It is important that bring our whole selves to work – not the working bit of ourselves. If there is something going on at work that is not respecting the environment:

  • Speak about the issues
  • Put it on the agenda

3. Discuss and influence your circles

Challenge conversations, without losing friends, that are not respectful to the environment. Don’t let these things pass.

4. Consider supply chains you support when you shop

Every time we shop or spend money, let’s ask ourselves what supply chains we are supporting and do we want to support them.

Few steps how to help with climate change – cut own impact

More ideas on how to help with climate change

If you want to start individual actions on how to help with climate change, read my other blog posts about food storage tips to avoid waste, conscious consumer and what are green homes.

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