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About Ewa Kwolek-Mazur

Hello! I am Ewa, I am a marketing comms specialist and I use my skills for good causes such as helping others (and myself) to live a greener life. I started this blog during the coronavirus lockdown as a way to emotionally handle this tricky time. I also wanted to return to my previous purpose-first career involving giving back to the society. I call it my own ‘mini online activism’.

I’d sell my soul for a good cause.


Recycling project in Brazil

I decided to write about ecology that has always been my passion. In 2012 I created a communication campaign for a recycling-focused NGO in Brazil.
Since then I have dreamt about returning to the sustainability field. This blog is my way to spread the word about this important topic in order to educate and help change behaviours.

Small steps matter

No one is perfect. But I strongly believe that if each of us takes small steps and make better choices, all together we can help revert the climate crisis. And we can create a better future for next generations.

My blog

In my blog I’m writing about:

  • Get started: simple ideas and tips for those new to eco lifestyle.
  • How to: practical ideas on how to learn new skills and make changes.
  • Interviews: ideas and inspiration from ‘eco warriors’ trying to help the planet.
  • Knowledge base: posts about global warming, ecology and new concepts.
  • Recipes: step-by-step methods to create homemade food, cleaning products and natural cosmetics.

Happy reading!

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All the recipes included in this blog have been made and tested at home. Please note that I am not a cosmetics or food professional. Always consult your doctor in case of any allergies or reactions.

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